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Assignment: The water cycle around me

Earth is the only planet in our solar system that provides a suitable environment for life as we know it. Sustaining these conditions requires a constant recycling of materials between the living and nonliving components of eco-systems.

Select one of material cycles we studied (water, nitrogen, carbon, sulphur and phosphorus) and identify elements of your lifestyle that impact the cycle.

a.    What are the most considerable impacts you make?
b.    How might it change your life if you were to reduce your impacts? What would you need to give up?
c.    How difficult is to balance personal choices with environmental considerations?

Your answer should be between 700–900 words long and should include introduction and conclusion sections.

The water cycle around me

submitted on Saturday, 3 December 2016, 1:38 PM
modified on Monday, 5 December 2016, 10:48 PM


Every human in the world has a significant impact on the water cycle, as well me. Every day I use resources and have a major impact in into this cycle. We often use resources without thinking much about it. It is simply normal to us, that enough of these resources are available for the people. Water is just always available for us. 

At every day that I take a shower, take a bath, cook with water or just go swimming in a sea I have an important influence on our water cycle. Water which I use comes from our community water supplying system. 

This water has been cleaned from bacteria and so on. This water is from reservoirs filled by the rain and ground water. It does cost much work to bring the water into my home. The used and dirty water from my home goes back into this cycle after a recycling process.

To produce our daily life products like plastics, food and the most of all products, water is required. 

The pollution from this production has also impacted the water cycle. Also, pollution of, for example, industries and traffic make the rain acid. The acid rain falls and makes the plants ill. Also, the groundwater could be polluted from chemicals and other toxins if I do not care about the deposit of waste or buy products which are created from plastics.

So, every time I use a product created from plastics or produced with water, I have also a major impact on our water cycle. If I don’t take care about of our environment and for example don’t recycle waste I impacted our water cycle.

I consume a lot of electricity in my home, every day. Electricity requires to a whole part, fossil fuels for producing in power stations. There is also an impact on the water cycle – the stations use coal for example. There is an impact to the cycle because coal is mined in crafts. If there is less coal in the soil, the water is less filtered and not as clean as before. The trees can’t grow on the crafted soil. Fewer trees produce, less condensate. Less condensate produces less water in the reverse.

My life changes significantly if I try to reduce my impacts on the environment because I diminish my comfort. Maybe I think deeper about the consequences, of my personal actions, maybe more concrete about the products which I buy in a supermarket. I could think about the production steps of a product or how many toxins are being released in the economic cycling after or until producing the product.

It is hard to find a wise way for the environment next to my personal lifestyle. If you worry too much about our environment we lack in personal comfort; if we take to less about our environment we shall experience in the future maybe the consequences of our personal lifestyle. Also, our personal budget is an essential factor in environmentally conscious thinking.

But, if all the people don’t take care of our environment, we get wicked results, like global warming, toxic water and so on. So, we should find a middle way of this.  


Yes, I can change some behaviors to reduce the impact to our water cycle. I can take a shower instead of taking a bath to reduce the amount of water I use for my personal hygiene. I can try to reduce the amounts of waste from plastics (much water is required to produce). I can use also public transport instead of my own car to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses.

A big impact to the water cycle has the energy consumption of my electronic devices and light bulbs, which is easy to reduce.

I easily can reduce the amount of consumed energy in my home with installing energy saving lamps or LED lamps to reduce the amount of energy used in my home. I can switch off devices if I don’t use them actively because devices sometimes use energy in standby mode.

The selection of an electric supplier, which use renewable energy sources, like wind or solar could also have a positive impact on our water cycle.

My personal target in the next months is to find a reasonable way to have an average level of comfort next to sufficient and average environmental considerations.

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