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Gamma radiation, waves and more

We know about the quanta live forms Pinky and Fanny. The smallest of all.
So but for easier writing, we require a simple form. Also, we wanna know what Gamma γ radiation is or?

Also, this is the reason for the number 3 ). Math is cool or?

So, well let us make this formula easier:

(++#image017) Φ (image016+image012 #)

= (++#image017) Φ β

= Δ

Air pair of Beta and Fanny is named DELTA Δ.


So we know what Gamma γ is.

We have the Orbit Ox

In this Orbit are the two Sampi, Pinky, and Fanny together (Gamma γ) with a specific Φ Phi. The gravitation between the two Sampi is in this orbit.

This is our smallest room.  So let us do some mathematics and put this into a formula.

We know that ℕ (general definition of our room) never could be zero because zero not exist. There is always a minimum of two quanta live forms in the room.

ℕ ≠ 0

This definition means that a minimum of 1 is always in a room (Orbit the smallest room).

∀O (ℕ≧1)

The simplest definition is:

O = (γ)

The next bigger “room” is an array of orbits in a gravitation wave.

We define this room with R, also we can name this “Einstein’s room”. It is not important how we name this room…

So we name this room ϒ – Upsilon. This letter has its origin in the Phoenician letter “wau”PhoenicianW-01.svg.

So we have a wave ϒx. In this wave is a specific amount of quanta animalcules. We define this:

ϒ = G * Ox

In this wave is a specific gravity. It is the same like outer space, this is the reason for wind and so on. We defined this in a post before.

Matter Μ is Light (Lambda λ).

So let us define Matter in Mathematics:

M = λ = Δ

ϒ in a room R

ϒ= O *

lim ϒ (Ox)

What is radiation

We have the two live forms (quanta fanny animalcules and quanta pinky animalcules).

(++image017image016+image012+ )

We see here that in a normal case, Pinky has ?ALF together.

This is similar to α (alpha/Greek letters).

We concluded that the right side is Beta – β.

(image016+image012+ ) = β

Alpha means alpha Radiation.
Beta also means beta radiation.

Radiation is released under special circumstances. I explain this later. First we require to understand the basics of the quanta theory.

Was ist Licht? Was ist Gravität / What light is? What is Gravity?

Fanny und Pinky.

image017 Quanta Fanny animalcules image016

Quanta Pinky animalcules

Aber was ist Licht? But what is light?

Licht ist das “Surfen” von Fanny und Pinky auf einer bestimmten Wellenhöhe.
Light is the “surfing” of Fanny and Pinky on a defined Wave height.

Licht auf einer bestimmten Wellenhöhe definieren wir mit LAMBDA Λ.
Light on a specific Wave height we define with LAMBDA Λ.

Die Wellenhöhe bestimmt die “Farbe” des Lichts (Spektra).
The Wave height defines the “color” of the light (spectra).

Um nun Mathematisch auszudrücken auf welcher Höhe sich die beiden befinden dürfen wir nicht vergessen das Fanny eine Wertigkeit von ++ hat, also anziehender als Pinky ist. Normalerweise hat Pinky ja Alpha mit dabei und ergibt somit Beta.
In order to express this mathematically, on which high the two are, we must not forget that Fanny has a value of ++, which is more attractive than Pinky. Normally, Pinky has Alpha with it and thus gives beta.

Vereinfacht zum besseren Verständnis nehmen wir die komplette Formel:
Simplified for a better understanding, we take the complete formula:

(++image017image016+image012+ )

Die beiden befinden sich in einem Orbit  Win welchem eine Gravität herrscht.
The two are in an orbit Win which there is gravity.

Mathematisch sieht das ganze dann so aus.
Mathematically, the whole looks like this.

Λ = (++image017image016+image012+ )Ox

Formel gekürzt/Formula abbreviated:

Λ Ox

Also Licht sind die Tierchen in einem Orbit Ox. Wo bei x die Nummer des Orbit ist. So haben wir das ganze Allgemeingültig und können die Formel entsprechend später noch benutzen.
So light, are the beasts in an orbit Ox. Where x is the number of the orbit. So we have the whole thing valid and can still use the formula later.

Auf der Erde gibt es eine bestimmte Gravitation. Im Weltall sind wir schwerelos.
On the earth, there is a certain gravitation. In the universe, we are weightless.

Der Orbit/Raum Ox hat deshalb eine bestimmte Gravitation die wir wie folgt definieren:
The orbit / space Ox  has therefore a certain gravitation which we define as follows:

G = (Λ )Ox 

Gravitation ist aber nunmal Licht auf einer bestimmten Wellenhöhe. Wir müssen deshalb die Formel noch um die entsprechende Wellenhöhe erweitern.
Gravitation is now light on a certain wave height. We must, therefore, extend the formula by the appropriate wave height.

Zunächst aber definieren wir einfach die Höhe mit h.
But first, we simply define the height with h.

Also ist Gravitation/Also gravitation is:
So is gravitation / is gravitation is:

G = (Λ * h)Ox 

Wir definieren die Konstante Gravität auf der Erde. Licht auf einer Wellenhöhe h, in einem Bereich von 2 bis 10 ist Gravitation auf der Erde.
We define the constant Gravity on Earth (GE). Light on wave height h, from an area of two to ten, is Gravity on Earth.

GE = G = (Λ *  [2..,-⎮..10]) * h

Wir müssen die Formel aber noch einmal erweitern um die Geschwindigkeit des Lichts hinzuzufügen. Hierfür nutzen wir c.
We have to expand the formula with the speed of light. We use c for this.

GE = G = c * (Λ *  [2..,-⎮..10]) * h



I have found a solution for Gravity, Energy on Earth and the movement of Energy. We have an Element 5.

We know now what the wind is. What the sun does, what live forms are build from – light – what the earth is and why the waves 🌊 are the waves.

The natural laws stand on the head now.

We are all built from light.

Teleporting is possible. Quantaphysics is not completed.

We have two elements. Quanta fanny animalcules (X) and LAMBDA (Sun).

X lives from Lambda.

Let us put all things together. And make it better. I give you a solution.
There is always a solution. Nothing is impossible.

E = m * c² or -> the equivalent of mass and energy or short E = mc². This is wrong.

E = Energy

c = the speed of light

m = Mass



Formula 1-1+1-0: Rotation of the sun system and our sun system.

SS: sun system

V = magnetism around a point Z

Z = X

S0:  Our sun system.


Formula 1: Matter.

 Λ = Light

M = Matter

G = Gravity is light with a defined wavelength and speed of the particles.



H = power of the planet movement in R

R = room out of space



whatsapp-image-2016-12-10-at-04-56-11Formula 4: Gravitation wave.

X = element with a defined wavelength

G = is the gravity on Earth = c * λ in S

Wx= an orbit with an Element-X

E = E is the Energy on Earth = light of a specific wavelength in an orbit W2 on earth


Formel 5: Energy on Earth.

G = Gravitation = c * Λ

c = Speed of light

A = c * X in Orbit WX = E * M

G = Gravitation

M = Matter

M = Λ

Formel 6: Energy movement through gravitation wave movement on earth.


In memorial of Alfred Nobel, died on 10th, December 1896.