ENVS 1301: Introduction to Environmental Sciences

I started at Term 2, at University of the People (www.uopeople.edu) with the course “ENVS1301: Introduction to Environmental Sciences”.

In Deutsch heißt das in etwa – Umweltwissenschaften.

The course started smooth, but with Term 3, the learning level exploded for me. It is very much content to read. Also, the graded quiz in term 3 has nothing to do with the quizzes before.

This is my personally meaning.

Please note! Plagiarism is highly forbidden and the University check for plagiarism!
You can read and use my answers, but it is not allowed to use without citing!!

Unit 1 – Understanding our Environment

Unit 2 – Ecology and Sustainability

Unit 3 – Evolution and Sustaining Biodiversity

Unit 4 – People and the Environment

Unit 5 – Sustaining Energy Resources

Unit 6 – Sustaining Environmental Quality

Unit 7 – Soil, Pest and Water Management

Unit 8 – Sustaining Human Societies


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