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Matter 2, Update

So I calculated something around and found a solution…it is not finished yet…like the universe is a calculation really hard to face.

But it is simply normally – there is something wrong in our environment.

Because they calculated wrong 🙂

So, ich habe etwas herum gerechnet und eine Lösung gefunden…es ist jetzt noch nicht fertig…wie dass Universum ist eine Rechnung wirklich schwer zu finden.


I have found a solution for Gravity, Energy on Earth and the movement of Energy. We have an Element 5.

We know now what the wind is. What the sun does, what live forms are build from – light – what the earth is and why the waves 🌊 are the waves.

The natural laws stand on the head now.

We are all built from light.

Teleporting is possible. Quantaphysics is not completed.

We have two elements. Quanta fanny animalcules (X) and LAMBDA (Sun).

X lives from Lambda.

Let us put all things together. And make it better. I give you a solution.
There is always a solution. Nothing is impossible.

E = m * c² or -> the equivalent of mass and energy or short E = mc². This is wrong.

E = Energy

c = the speed of light

m = Mass



Formula 1-1+1-0: Rotation of the sun system and our sun system.

SS: sun system

V = magnetism around a point Z

Z = X

S0:  Our sun system.


Formula 1: Matter.

 Λ = Light

M = Matter

G = Gravity is light with a defined wavelength and speed of the particles.



H = power of the planet movement in R

R = room out of space



whatsapp-image-2016-12-10-at-04-56-11Formula 4: Gravitation wave.

X = element with a defined wavelength

G = is the gravity on Earth = c * λ in S

Wx= an orbit with an Element-X

E = E is the Energy on Earth = light of a specific wavelength in an orbit W2 on earth


Formel 5: Energy on Earth.

G = Gravitation = c * Λ

c = Speed of light

A = c * X in Orbit WX = E * M

G = Gravitation

M = Matter

M = Λ

Formel 6: Energy movement through gravitation wave movement on earth.


In memorial of Alfred Nobel, died on 10th, December 1896.