Bitcoin is Actually Good for the Environment

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You’ve probably heard that bitcoin is terrible for the environment. You’ve heard that it wastes tons of energy on a ridiculous “mining” process. You’ve been told that pretty soon, all of the world’s power will be used to mine bitcoin.  You’ve been told that, if we took all of the smoke emitted by coal power plants being built to mine bitcoins, that smoke would form a black hole that soon threatens to collapse and swallow the entire universe, leaving us with no planets, stars, or life,  with nothing left in existence except for one guy who keeps mumbling about “double spending.” Of course, some of these claims are slightly exaggerated.

I’m here to tell you that these claims are wrong, and that bitcoin is actually good for the environment. If you want to stop global warming, then buying bitcoin is a great idea. Here’s why.

Energy Usage Isn’t a Problem

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