Gamma radiation, waves and more

We know about the quanta live forms Pinky and Fanny. The smallest of all.
So but for easier writing, we require a simple form. Also, we wanna know what Gamma γ radiation is or?

Also, this is the reason for the number 3 ). Math is cool or?

So, well let us make this formula easier:

(++#image017) Φ (image016+image012 #)

= (++#image017) Φ β

= Δ

Air pair of Beta and Fanny is named DELTA Δ.


So we know what Gamma γ is.

We have the Orbit Ox

In this Orbit are the two Sampi, Pinky, and Fanny together (Gamma γ) with a specific Φ Phi. The gravitation between the two Sampi is in this orbit.

This is our smallest room.  So let us do some mathematics and put this into a formula.

We know that ℕ (general definition of our room) never could be zero because zero not exist. There is always a minimum of two quanta live forms in the room.

ℕ ≠ 0

This definition means that a minimum of 1 is always in a room (Orbit the smallest room).

∀O (ℕ≧1)

The simplest definition is:

O = (γ)

The next bigger “room” is an array of orbits in a gravitation wave.

We define this room with R, also we can name this “Einstein’s room”. It is not important how we name this room…

So we name this room ϒ – Upsilon. This letter has its origin in the Phoenician letter “wau”PhoenicianW-01.svg.

So we have a wave ϒx. In this wave is a specific amount of quanta animalcules. We define this:

ϒ = G * Ox

In this wave is a specific gravity. It is the same like outer space, this is the reason for wind and so on. We defined this in a post before.

Matter Μ is Light (Lambda λ).

So let us define Matter in Mathematics:

M = λ = Δ

ϒ in a room R

ϒ= O *

lim ϒ (Ox)

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