Arbistar 2.0 – full automated Arbitraging Bot – Test

I registered some days ago with Arbistar 2.0 and funded the community bot.
Let me give you first impressions about the website.

The community bot gives you weekly returns of an estimated 5% – every Saturday you get the profits paid out via Bitcoin – or you recontribute them.

“Our first product is an automized solution doing arbitrage trading on cryptocurrencies. Our bot syncs to up to 13 exchanges to track opportunities by comparing bid and ask prices to seek profit from the spread. When the difference in price minus the fees is positive, the bot identifies an opportunity. It purchases low, to sell high.”

To signup as a new user you require a referral code – without it is impossible. You can use mine:

Bitcoin is Actually Good for the Environment

CoinDCA Bitcoin Blog

You’ve probably heard that bitcoin is terrible for the environment. You’ve heard that it wastes tons of energy on a ridiculous “mining” process. You’ve been told that pretty soon, all of the world’s power will be used to mine bitcoin.  You’ve been told that, if we took all of the smoke emitted by coal power plants being built to mine bitcoins, that smoke would form a black hole that soon threatens to collapse and swallow the entire universe, leaving us with no planets, stars, or life,  with nothing left in existence except for one guy who keeps mumbling about “double spending.” Of course, some of these claims are slightly exaggerated.

I’m here to tell you that these claims are wrong, and that bitcoin is actually good for the environment. If you want to stop global warming, then buying bitcoin is a great idea. Here’s why.

Energy Usage Isn’t a Problem

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[Epic] The Outer Limits Quotes – [En]

Overmind of Borg's Sector

Those are the start and end quotes from the most complete TV series in the world !
Understand these quotes and you will evolve in life !

The human race has a gift . . . that sets it above all the other creatures that abound upon this planet: the gift of thought, of reasoning, of understanding. The highly-developed brain. But the human race has ceased to develop. It struggles for petty comfort and false security; there is no time for thought. Soon there will be no time for reasoning, and Man will lose sight of the truth.

Some of man’s greatest achievements have been motivated by a driving need for love and acceptance. What happens when that need for recognition, becomes a desire to be revered, and then worshiped… like a god?
Increasingly, modern science pursues powers traditionally reserved for the Almighty. But those who encroach upon…

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